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Nightlife Active Shooter & Terrorism Awareness Training

Venues all across the country are becoming proactive in preparing for a potential Active Shooter threat. When an incident involving an active shooter occurs, time is crucial. Department of Homeland Security research reveals that 70% of active shooter incidents end in 5 minutes or less. In contrast, the average response time for law enforcement is 10 minutes. It only makes sense for us to find ways to improve our reaction time. How you respond, will determine if you survive.


Our Nightlife Active Shooter & Terrorism Awareness Training Course is an effective risk mitigation model tailored to the nightlife environment. We designed this training specifically for nightclubs, bars, entertainment venues, and the alcohol service industry. While training with multiple courses across the nation, we discovered the lack of training for nightlife venues. Our team has developed a training that adapts to YOUR environment. 


*Contact Us for private venue training, or register below for our public courses*

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