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Joseph M. LaSorsa, CPP®

Senior Consultant & Trainer - LaSorsa & Associates

Mr. Rugen is an exceptionally motivated and determined individual, who possesses the ability to combine technical competence with tactical aptitude. From the beginning, my impression of him as an instructor during training was and still is impressive. His attention to detail and self-driven motivation to learn were apparent in his eagerness to attend training and continues to the present, which is apparent with his success within the nightclub security and consulting industry. His success and effectiveness in accomplishing professional initiatives, both in establishing himself and in seeking guidance from those who could offer their experience and knowledge spoke for themselves as they far exceed the average graduate. He accepts assignments willingly and without hesitation and his flexible attitude facilitated opportunities for growth in a variety of dynamic environments. I duly recommend Zachary Rugen for consideration within any security capacity.


Miguel DeCoste, CPP®

Protective Services Manager - YouTube

I have had the pleasure of working and training with Mr. Zachary Rugen and his team at Nightclub Security Services and can say without reservation that they are a professional, knowledgeable, and hard-working group. Mr. Rugen's unique approach to Security and Customer Service are a much needed shot in the arm to an industry that tends to focus more on the former than the latter. Mr. Rugen encourages professionalism from his team and promotes the importance of ethics, empathy, and objectivity to his trainees. His passion for Customer Service and Security is evident in Mr. Rugen's approach to what he obviously sees as a calling as opposed to just a job. I highly recommend Nightclub Security Services to any proprietor looking to build a security program, to any Security Manager looking to improve their staff, and to any Security Staffer looking to gain useful tips and techniques for their everyday interactions with Patrons.

Eric Parker.jpg

Eric Parker

President - Select International

I recently had the opportunity to monitor Zach's Nightclub Security Course. I found the course to be well delivered, with excellent content. Zach is an excellent instructor, and I highly recommend anyone in the Industry that has the opportunity to attend his course, I would take it.


Cody Cobb

VP of Operations - Phillips Group, Inc.

As a direct supervisor to Mr. Rugen, I have witnessed first hand his professionalism, dependability, and adaptiveness while being assigned to one of our security teams. He is thorough in his work, often going above and beyond what is asked of him. He is knowledgeable, well-trained, and experienced in the security industry and is a great asset to have as part of any team.

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