From Nightclub Security to Executive Protection

As I went through my iPhone photo album tonight, I relived all the locations I have visited in the last few years on various protection assignments, or attending training courses. From Las Vegas, to Boston, and many cities in between, this industry has blessed me with the ability to travel the United States. I've never forgotten where my journey began in 2009, as a bouncer at an Irish pub.

A few weeks back, I was riding in the car with a colleague who took a similar path as I did. This was the first time we had met in person, and he brought up the question, "tell me how it all started." The response lasted majority of our 2 hour car ride. I had never deeply thought of my journey prior to his question, simply because my journey has no ending. I will forever be chasing my dream, and living in the moment.

In 2009, I started working as a bouncer at an Irish pub called McNally's. I worked along side my older brother, as he taught me how to check ID's, handle ejections, read a room, and make friends with guests. The 3 years I spent there created a foundation, and taught me many learning experiences, both good and bad.

In 2012, I accepted a job offer at a new live music venue called Roxy's, which later reinvented itself as a nightclub. It was here that I discovered my calling in executive protection. In 2013, we hosted a show for a celebrity from MTV, and I was given the duty to provide personal security for guest entertainment. The event went on without any issues, and the professionalism of our security staff impressed the tour manager, promoter, and our celebrity guest. I was approached by the manager, and personally thanked for being there for their needs, and being within arms reach. The manager asked how long I had been a professional bodyguard, to which I replied I wasn't a bodyguard, just a bouncer. The owner of Roxy's was impressed and praised the security staff, and suggested I look into executive protection training. My thought was, what the hell is executive protection?I began researching what was executive protection, and how does my nightclub security skill set transition into protective services? The more I read into the training, I realized this is not only a career I wanted to be in, it's a career that used the same skills that I used every night working security at the club. Situational awareness, ability to assess large crowds, friendly approach with clients/guests, proactive responding, deescalation techniques, conflict resolution, risk/threat mitigation, event planning/advances, you name it, and I was using those skills nightly. Now the next step came, chance.