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New Year's Eve, Own Your Position

All across the world, customers are flocking to bars tonight to ring in the New Year and to make one final memory of 2017. Provide them with a positive experience that will be lasting.

With NYE being one of, if not the busiest holiday in the nightclub and bar industry, it presents additional challenges that other nights may not. One of those challenges is Customer Volume. You will likely experience an increase in guests. With that comes an added risk of safety for staff, the customer, and the venue. Monitor your capacity throughout the night. Be prepared for delayed guest entry, and adjust accordingly. A great habit is to walk the line, talk to guests, and reduce their anxiety during their wait. Remember to smile, be approachable, and show empathy.

With an increase in customers, comes an increase in Staffing. We recommend 1 security staffer per every 50 guests. This does not include your front door staff, as those staffers SHOULD NOT leave their post to respond to incidents inside the venue. If you're a manager or owner, and you're concerned about the costs of additional staffers, don't. Think of it this way. You're investing $100-200 per staffer, to potentially prevent a lawsuit that will surely cost more.

Closely Monitor overconsumption, injury hazards (spills, broken glass, trip hazards, etc.), and suspicious activity inside or outside your venue. It's perfectly acceptable to deny entry, refuse service, cut off drinks, and/or escort out guests that are over intoxicated. At the end of the day, our responsibility as security is to provide a safe environment for ALL guests, staffers, and the business. Take care of your guests, and they will thank you when they return another day. This includes providing a safe ride home by calling their friend, a cab, Uber, Lyft, etc.

Be Aware of an increase in spills, glassware, fruit on the floor, etc. With the increase in customer volume, comes the increase of potential liabilities. The National Restaurant Association confirms slips and falls are responsible for more lawsuits against bars than anything else. Take the time to keep the establishment clean.

Report suspicious activity. Communicate with your team regarding suspicious persons, actions, or objects. With an increase in customers, and the special event being NYE comes the potential target for individuals to cause harm. Handle in house incidents appropriately, but do not hesitate to contact authorities if needed. This is the reality of the world we live in, and the important role nightclub and event security staffers have.

In our industry, New Year's Eve can be overwhelming to some. If you are working NYE, make the best of it. Hopefully these tips will make your night operate as efficiently as possible. Be confident, and own your position.

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