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Improving Hospitality, One Bouncer At A Time

While it may not be the first thought that goes through your head when you think of a Bouncer, hospitality is an important part of the job. Whether you are working with a large team in a nightclub or as a solo-Bouncer at a dive bar; a Bouncer is the face of the business. Don’t be the employee that leaves a sour taste in a customer’s mouth.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 86% of guests who have an exceptional experience will return to your establishment; but if they have a poor experience, only 13% will ever come back. Bouncer's are the first and last face a customer sees. Offering good customer service will enhance the reputation of the company you work for. When you go above and beyond for the customer, you are creating a positive reputation for the business.

"Every person who walks through your doors is as valuable as you make them.

Your goal is to make an impression on every single customer, everywhere they go in your venue.

Every night, you must host the best experience in town."

Zachary L. Rugen


Nightclub Security Services

Below, are simple techniques that will not only improve your overall customer service, you will become more confident in every day life.


Small Talk Goes A Long Way

A good Bouncer, has a great memory. Knowing the names of regular customers will make them feel valued. Keep a mental note of what you’ve talked about. If it is appropriate, it can be used at a later time as a conversation starter, or to deescalate a potential issue. For example, if a guest tells you they started a new job, be sure to ask them about it the next time they are entering the venue. People like the fact when you have remembered details about their lives.​

Strong Communication Skills

First and foremost be polite and respectful. Successful Bouncer's must be able to communicate effectively whether they deal with coworkers, customers, management, or law enforcement. If someone has a question or you have to question someone, make sure you take the time to hear them out and be open-minded about what they might have to say. Be aware of your body language. Eye contact, hand gestures and vocal tones all play a role in how someone will translate what you say to them.​

Always Be Willing To Assist Others

When you see a problem, be the solution. Offer customers assistance when you can. If a guest spills a drink, clean it up for them, and offer to replace it. If a guest is looking for the bathroom, show them where they need to go. If your venue requires screening purses, or searching individuals at entry points, do so respectfully and neatly. Offer to escort coworkers to their car after work. Not only will this build trust between the bar staff and security staff, you are mitigating the risk of crime. Work as a team, and look out for each other.


As a Bouncer, your main priority is to protect people, property and the business. It can be challenging to do your job and offer quality customer service at the same time. Learn to put your duties as security first, then balance them out with the great customer service skills that will set you apart from others in the nightlife industry. Customer's will appreciate it and remember the respect shown to them by security. Most importantly, the business will thank you for creating a positive experience, and loyal returning customers.

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